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Tastycards är våra receptvykort som vi haft under Tastycards.se

Vi har bestämt att flytta över dem hit. Allt kommer att uppdateras och vykorten kommer snart in i vår butik.

Anita Zieme

Anita is innovative, has a willingness to constantly challenge herself and her own visual identity. She is particularly interested in slow food, local produce, Raw Food, organic, vegetarian options and Fairtrade.


Carolin Jönsson

Caroline Jönsson


Anita Zieme

Elenore Bendel Zahn is your official tree hugger and sassy health gal! Elenore is amazed by all things Greenylicious and paints her plate with glorious whole foods like vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, roots, herbs, algaes (and Raw chocolate!). It´s a colorful veggie party and you are invited!

In her company Earthsprout there is a world full of flavor explosions all in the line of healthy, exciting and balanced natural nutrition for all senses. The organic gardening was the starting point for this passionate out-of-the-box health guru who now works with all veggie wonders in various exciting ways like products, classes, courses and recipe developing. If you grab Elenores business card you will read; Raw Food-coach, Organic Gardener and Green Gourmet Chef. Maybe she will add Greenylicious photographer soon, who knows..

Elin Carleke

Elin works with natural ingredients and is primarily interested in the overall experience of the meal. She uses flavors and appearance in her cards and recipes. 


Eva Olsson

Eva Olsson


Ingrid Münch

Food is something universal to Ingrid Münch, food is her way of opening doors and getting to \r\nknow people. It is also a way of creating friendships. You can talk to everyone about food even \r\nwhen you don’t speak the same language. Ingrid is one of the co-founders of Tasty Cards


Karin Högberg

Karin Högberg is a film producer and university lecturer who loves to cook, eat, and invite people over for dinner. She gains a lot of inspiration from her travels, especially in Italy and France, but she also gets inspiration both for her images and recipes from Bohuslän, where she was born and raised. She enjoys food that focuses on fresh ingredients which is why she prefers using organic ingredients...


Kimme Persson

Kimme Persson


Kinna Jonsson

Klas Andersson

Klas Andersson


Lisa Lundqvist

Lisa Lundqvist 


Marlene Zilberstein

Marlene gets her inspiration from the Italian cuisine, but picking up some Swedish and international \r\ninfluences from here and there. The interest in cooking has always existed but the passion began to \r\ngrow strong when she lived in Italy. and saw how big part it was for the Italian population. Food \r\nshould be a pleasure for the palate and eye and therefore should be tasty, colorful and beautiful. \r\nAnd it may take time.



Niklas Münch

Niklas is a creative person who specializes in visual identity and graphic design. He has studied in Australia, Denmark and Sweden and, with his keen eye for detail, currently manages Tasty Cards.


Randi Måhl

Randi is a freelance photographer, who loves to cook and invite others to try the food. She has \r\nbeen inspired by the mediterranean cuisine for many years, and like to experiment with simple combinations. She believes that the key is good ingredients, which makes us feel good.


Sara Westerlin

Sara is a certified gastronome with a keen sense of taste and is highly partial to Swedish traditional foods. She has a special liking for food experiences which include herring and schnapps. Sara has \r\nworked with film and photography for many years and is highly creative. At Tasty Cards Sara both creates recipes and takes photographs.

Sara Dahlgren